About Us

The Extraordinary Collections as the name suggests are extraordinary by name and extraordinary by selection and style. The pieces are unusual, original, often eclectic and are blended to provide a range of collectibles which cover a broad range of topics, historical interests and moments in time. 

Our selections are often one-offs and are not for sale in galleries, shops or designer outlets so joining the Extraordinary Club we will provide you will news flow and the addition of new pieces being offered by Extraordinary Collections. 

Our selections are made by collectors aiming to provide something different from the usual trade auctions or private sales, our sale prices are estimated and are intended to reflect the marketplace - our key pieces are original, distinctive and aim to stand out in the crowd. We have access to some of the best valuers in the business and will endeavour to compare prices regularly and price accordingly. 

Extraordinary Collections is an off-market site aimed at collectors or buyers who want something special or “Not on the High Street” 

Our ranges travel across modern art, classic accessories , contemporary furniture and special pieces of interest for collectors. Often many of these unique items will never be repeated and therefore are truly a collectors item. 

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